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"I would just like to thank Mike for this site. Through Oz Reunion I have found my 2 sisters who I have been searching for over 30 years. Prior to finding this site, I had hit a dead end in my search. Please don't give up, look how long it took me, and now that I have found my sisters, the missing parts of my heart have been restored, once again a huge thankyou to Oz Reunion." Denise Higginson

After only 2 weeks on OZ Reunion, I found my mother, 2 sisters, a brother, 2 nephews & 3 nieces and an aunt & so far, things are going really well. To others who are still searching for their families, please don't give up hope, have faith that you will find your loved ones, they could be looking for you too. Mike keep up the good work, your site is invaluable and you have helped so many people find their families, it's great to know that you care for so many people. Kathy

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Date of Birth: Feb/March 1972
Town of Origin: Carlton, Vic
Contact Number 0411440516
My mother had a baby girl at the Royal Women's Hospital, Carlton Aust. and was told the baby was still born. She never believed this was the truth. Mum passed away two years ago and I feel I should find out if her suspicians were right. Mary Smart formerly Cain.
Contact lister
Narelle Maree
Date of Birth: 17 December 1957
Town of Origin:Dalby Qld
Contact Number 07 33664145
seeking this person she is the natural birth mother of my son.
Contact lister
Wendy Jean
Date of Birth:08 11 1944
Town of Origin:Prestatyn, Flintshire, UK
Callaghan was your birth name - I don't know your adopted name. You are the missing piece in our family jigzaw. I too was adopted and have now made contact with our birth family: nothing too heavy but they are a good bunch! Have had no luck in the UK so am trying OZ! xx Little sister Gillian
Contact lister
Calvert click here to make larger
Date of Birth: 17th November 1975
Town of Origin: Durban
Contact Number +27846165964
I am looking for my biological Son his birth name was Terence Manack, his surname was changed when adopted by Linda and Lionel Calvert in the early 70's in South Africa, Greenwood Park. and I think his first name was changed when the adopted parents immigrated to Australia, also in the late 70's. Terence has a brother who is 35yrs old and would love to meet him. I am looking forward to a reunion with Terence because I have never stopped loving him, he is always in my thoughts and my heart. I am aware that Terry does not know about the adoption because he was never told. I have tried looking for him on other sites locally, and at the local adoptions centre in SA. Love you Terry if that is still your name.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 11/9/1943
Town of Origin: Uralla
Contact Number 0418236721
Pamela, I would really love to meet you just once. This is important to me. I need to fill the void that I have. Your first daughter Anne.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 4th June 1958
Contact Number 0413.282831
Looking to find Fiona Cameron. She gave birth to a son in 1975 and adopted him out.
Contact lister
Jamie Edward
Date of Birth: 11/04/1976
Town of Origin: Manly, NSW
Contact Number: 0439 503 885
I am looking for my first born son. My name is Mary Anne, I am his mother & I was 18, his fathers name was Craig & he was 18 too. I am now 51 and would love to know that his life has turned out as I wished for him. If he does not wish to correspond with me I understand, I just want to know he is still alive & happy as ever. He might like to know he has 2 sisters 30 & 25 and a brother 27. We would all love to meet him. It would be my one wish all these years that would come true. If your out there Jamie I have sent you a kiss every day for the last 32 years xxx
Contact lister
Edith Nancy
Birth: 1919
Town of Origin: nee jee victoria
Contact Number 0422712177
This is my mother with her maiden name when she was married the surname was Hayes but i heard she was married again to an army man.
Contact lister
Date of birth: 14 November 91
Town of origin: Colombo Sri Lanka
Please call me on 0425313476
I'm looking for a young boy Rayan Campbell. Born in Sri Lanka as Shehan Niwan and adopted by a couple from Melbourne. I'm your natural aunt would love to hear from you. I now live in Sydney. Please call me on 0425313476. Thanks Ruki.
Contact lister
also known as JENNY (would have been born around 1964 unsure of exact year)
Contact Number 0434278708
Looking for any birth family. I was born 12/08/1983 St Margaret hospital Darlinghurst. I believe my birth mothers name to be Janette (Jenny) and birth father Brandon. I believe I was referred to as Frances. Jade stocks is my name given at adoption. My name before i was adopted was FRANCES CAMPTON (Jade Stocks when adopted). Born: 12th August 1983, St Margrets Hospital Darlinghurst My birth Father is believed to be of NZ Moari heritage. Looking for any family memebers out there or any information about this family.
Contact lister
Julie Irene
Date of Birth: 01/04/1950
Town of Origin: Perth WA
Contact Number 0423312822
I would like to make contact or have communication with my 1/2 sister who was born on the 01/04/1950. Her birth mother was Irene Betty Carson. I believe the birth place was in Perth Western Australia. Should she not wish to make contact with me thatís fine however, i would like her to know that I have photos of her and my mother together prior to her adoption. Should she be interested in these and not wish to make contact with me I am happy to pass them on to her without any disclosure risk to her.
Contact lister
Year of Birth: 1949?
Town of Origin: BRISBANE
Baby boy born 03/02/70 at Boothville Private Hospital, named Ross at birth, seeeking details on family. Believe mother was 21 years at birth of baby(Carter) was a swimmer and bookeeper.
Contact lister
Carter (maiden name)
Jo Anne
Town of Origin: Perth
I was born 29/09/74 at St. Annes hospital, Perth. The attending nun was Sister Christina. My mother had a daughter (name known) two years prior to my arrival. I'd love to touch base and let her know that she made the right decision as I've had a wonderful life.
Contact lister
Carter ?
Debbie / Deborah
1st December ?
Origin: New Zealand
Contact Number 07 38552712
My name is Lauren Brisbane, I have since married and go by the last name of Millard. I'm looking for my half sister Debbie. I met her once in 1987 and I was 7 years old. I haven't had contact with her since I was little. I've been looking for you since. Our Mothers name is Robyn Brisbane but goes by the name McConnel. I miss you terrible and so want you in my life. I send a balloon with your name on it into the sky every year on your birthday. I have 3 children now and talk about you often to them and my daughter has the Kiwi bird you bought me all those years ago! To me you will always be my big sister. With love always Lauren Xx
Contact lister
1949 - 1951
Trying to locate my Birth Mother, who was 19 when I was born on 26th April 1969. However unsure if her name "Janey Cashman" is legitimate.
Contact lister
Tanya is what I named her. Cassells was on origional birth certificate
Date of Birth: 22/8/78
Town of Origin: Sydney crown street womens hospital
Contact Number: 0432.328418
I gave birth to a baby girl on 22/8/78 and she was adopted out. I named her Tanya on her birth cirtificate. I would love to make contact but only if she is willing.
Contact lister
Anne Veronica
Date of birth: 22/02/49 or 06/04/49
Town of origin: Sydney
Searching for our daughter and sister, Ann Veronica. Born 20/04/49, Croydon, NSW. Adoptive parents, Patrick and Mary, from Woonona. Adoption forced by family in Rockhampton. Missed by all and wishing to make contact.
Contact lister
Catania Fais
My name is Giovanna Cartisano, I was adopted on the 9th may 1963, my birth mother's name is Catania Teresa, I was born on the 5th March 1963 in Camperdown, Sydney Australia. I now live in Rome, Italy but I am looking for my birth mother, my surname at the moment of birth was Fais. Please contact me.
Contact lister
Catania click here to make larger
Date of Birth: 23/10/54
Town of Origin: Malta
Contact Number: 0400 402 602
My name is Michelle Catania at birth DOB 29/8/68, at St Margaret's hospital, Darlinghurst,Sydney. I'm searching for my birthmother.
Contact lister
CHAD click here to make larger
Date of birth 7/7/1946
Origin: NSW
Contact Number 0413697032
You were adopted aged about 5yrs after being fostered. You have a sister trying to locate you and have just found out your name & date of birth through adoption services.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Bardwell park
Contact Number 0268464507
my wife is looking for her son.she had to give up at the age of 15 for adoption as she lived at home with her parents her father was a alcoholic and a compulsive gambler he told her to give it up or get out of the house onto the street. Last we heard he was a policeman at rockdale.
Contact lister
Christine Ann
Brisbane/Darling Downs
I am a male born on the 26 october 1973 at the royal womens hospital, Brisbane. Christine named me Grant Dennis Chalmers.If anybody can help me please contact me.
Contact lister
Mavis Ida
Date of Birth: 29/04/1928
Town of Origin: auckland new zealand
Contact Number: 0409 8765790
i was born in melb jessie mcpherson hospital on the 25th august 1950.i was adopted and my mothers name was ellen yee and father george yee of carlton. my birth mothers name is mavis ida chan at the time and lived at john st auckland new zealand i believe she is of chinese decent. would love to have contact with any one whom might be a relative. i have 3 children and 8 grandchildren we live on the coast in qld.
Contact lister
Beverley Joy
Date of Birth: 26/3/1941
Town of Origin: Werribee
I am searching for my Birth mother. I was born in Mordialloc on the 10/9/1964, my mother would have been 23 at the time. I believe she has been married twice since, but has since reverted to her maiden name of Charlton when living in Maitland in 1993.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: approx 1926
Town of Origin: Brunswick? Melbourne Vic
Looking for birth father. May have left Melbourne in late 50s and changed name. Am daughter of Betty Collins - born Queen Vic hospital August 29, 1955
Contact lister
Contact lister
Janet Lesley
Date of birth: 1954 - 1955 ish
Town of origin: SYDNEY, NSW
I was born Kirsty Patrice Chester on September 6th,1971. I don't wish to cause any grief to anyone, would just like some info & answers. No details known of my Father.
Contact lister
Natasha Leigh
Town of origin: Brisbane
I am looking for a cousin who is much loved and missed. Natasha lived with me for approx 6 months then was adopted out and we would all love to find her. She has 4 cousins and an Aunt and uncle who would love to be reunited with her.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Brisbane
I was adopted out at 6 months, as i was very sick. I would like to make contact with you or any other family.
Contact lister
Year of Birth: 1952 or 53
Contact Number: 0418.970261
I'm searching for my birth mother and father, however I only have info on mother. I was born at Boothville Hospital Brisbane 25/1/72. My birth name is Judith.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 3/6/84
Town of Origin: Perth, WA
Contact Number 0419 261 861
Born Sarah Chrystall at King Edward Hospital, Subiaco. Your adoptive parents called you Rebecca.
Contact lister
Looking for birth mother or her family. I was born in Sydney on 19th November 1954. I was named Anna. Please contact me would love to know some details.
Contact lister
Born between 1930-1931
Contact Number: 0429.855862
I was born Stephen John Clark on 17th September 1951 at Launceston Tasmania. My birth mother's address was said to be in Hobart, but formerly of Queensland. Knowledge of my adoption has only been recent. Family & history are important to me. I would like to hear from my birthmother or anyone with information - confidentially. Please call the number above.
Contact lister
Sally Jane
Town of origin: Glenorchy
I'm looking for my natural mother my name is Luke Michael Dutson my natural mothers name is Sally Jane Clark, she named me Michael Clark I was adopted out.
Contact lister
Date of Birth:16/03/1970
Town of Origin:Cunnamulla
Contact Number 55998585
McGee: Birth Mother searching for Julie Ruth Clarke (maiden name) born March 16th 1970 in Cunnamulla - Adopted parents William John and Ruth Lillian Clarke. Please contact whenever you are ready.
Contact lister
Year of Birth: 1940 or 1943
Town of Origin: Brisbane
trying to find my half brother born in salvation army home brisbane round 1940 1943
Contact lister
year 1945/43
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number 0413136747
Mother Sarah Clarke baby born salvation army home in Brisbane year 1945/43 that was his birth name.
Contact lister
Justin Craig
Date of Birth: 15 October 1990
Town of Origin:Launceston Tasmania
Contact Number 07 32076626
I am searching for my son Justin, his birth mother's name is Michelle. He was adopted through Centercare Hobart Tasmania. I would like the opportunity to get to meet and possibly know each other.
Contact lister
Paul John & Gillian FRYER
see Twin Sisters
Contact lister
I am searching for my birth mother. I was unnamed at birth. I hope to hear from you.
Contact lister
Joshua Anthony
Helen Frances STEVENSON (Birth mother), looking for son born at Crown Street Women's Hospital, Sydney.
Contact lister
Mary Colleen
Date of Birth: 9th July 1945
Town of Origin: Bathurst, NSW
I am a male born 26th March 1963, My Birth Name is Ricky Shane Whitton. I was born in St George Hospital Sydney. My birth mothers name is Colleen Mary Whitton, but she could have been known as Mary Colleen Whitton. Her Father and Motherís names (my birth grandparents) were William John Whitton and Daisy May Whitton (nee Mitchell) and I think they all lived at 262 Rankin Street, Bathurst in 1964. My mother was 17 years of age when she had me and she was born on 9th July 1945 in Bathurst. She married Brian Frederick Cole on the 28th March, 1964 at the Methodist Church South Bathurst and I assume her name became Mary Colleen Cole. I would be interested in contact by email initially from my birth mother, father or any siblings.
Contact lister
Redcliffe Hospital
I'm searching for my older brother who is full blood and was born somewhere between 10/10/1970 & 22/10/1970
Contact lister
Virginia Christina
Year of Birth: 1946
Town of Origin: Merewether NSW
I am looking for my birth mother. My name was Michelle Colleen Collins
Contact lister
Shane ?
Date of Birth: August 1967
Town of Origin: Perth, K.E.M.H
Contact Number 0402 0212 09
I am looking for my full blood brother who was named Shane Collins before he was adopted out, as I was, 2 years earlier. I only have unidentifying information about him. His adoptive parents were both in their late 20's when Shane was adopted. His adoptive father was of British nationality; he had been born in India but had lived in WA since he was a child. He was an accountant at the time he adopted Shane. Shane's adoptive mother was born in WA and was fully occupied with Home Duties. His adoptive parents had been married for just over 7 years and they had one child, a son of their marriage. I know Shane is married now and has 3 young children and a wife that was very supportive of him contacting me. As I am adopted I am very aware of the feeling of betrayal to your adoptive parents but Shane I want you to know that our birth family is not interested in contact with either of us so although I have met them, there will be no intrusion from them. I would love our adoptive families to meet and of course I would like to meet you, my nieces and nephews, my sister-in-law and your parents and brother who I consider extended family. I have left a letter with the Dept for Child Protection. Please read it as this will help you understand why I want to contact you. Much love to you my little brother. xx
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 1953???
Town of Origin: Bega / Bombala NSW
Contact Number 0450191212
Trying to find my birth mother, i was born Jason Craig Collins in bega hospital nsw on the 13th of october 1973, i believe you lived in bombala or delegate, would love to hear from you!
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 6 March 1974
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number: 0424 324626
I'm your birth mother and would love to get to know you when you are ready.
Contact lister
Dorothy Elsa
Year of Birth: approx. 1910
Town of Origin: London England
Contact Number: 0405226884
My name is Heather and I am searching for my birth mother who gave me up for adoption, I was born 4/6/55 at Brisbane women's hospital. An ad was placed in the courier mail for parents to adopt me. On the original birth cert. Dorothy was 45 years old. I am searching for any family of Dorothy who might know of my adoption.
Contact lister
Kerry and Margaret
both born in the 1950's
last heard of in the Greenacre area of NSW
Jacinta Knight is looking for you.
Contact lister
ovembnne Kerry
Date of Birth: 17 November 1960
Town of Origin:Southport, Queensland
Contact Number 0438 321 624
My name is Jeanie and I was born on 11 May 1977 at Southport Maternity Hospital. I am looking for my birth mother. I fully support her decision to adopt me out because she was so young. I would really love to meet her. Any help? I would also like to track down my birth father but know nothing at all about him.
Contact lister
Cooper (but likely changed when married)
Nicole Julie
Date of Birth: 7 April 1972
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number 0418 966166
I'm looking for my daughter who was born at Ryde Hospital (Sydney) and reluctantly surrendered for adoption by her mother (since married as Barbara Irby and sadly now passed). Nicole's birth certificate would have said "Baby Murray" and has now been amended. Given up because we were both too young, but always loved and never forgotten. Lived in Young NSW for a short time and thought to have moved to Western Australia. Adoptive father's name is John Cooper (possibly passed). Nicole, your mother's last wish was that you know she always loved you, and I still do.
Contact lister
Fiona Linda
see ATKINS listing above.
Contact lister
Anne Margaret Mary
Anne would be 66
Town of origin: Ballarat
Please contact on 0412627566
I am the daughter of Anne. I will be 50 on 8.9.05, birth date 8.9.1955 and makes Anne 66. She came to Sydney to have me & I was adopted @ 9 months. My birth name was Rae Cornwell, father not listed on certificate.
Contact lister
Patricia Anne
Searching for Birthmother. Gave birth to a baby girl, and named her Patricia (after herself) was aged 19 at time. Baby born at the Mater hospital Crows Nest in Sydney on May 13 1953. Any relatives and/or family info would be nice. Mother was apparently from New Zealand.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Ashton via Ravensworth
Contact Number 0411509817
I am looking for my birth mother, she was 15 at the time, I was born on the 13/9/72 @ Belmont royal Hospital Newcastle. My name given to me was Penelope. Father's details unknown. My name was changed to Kerri-ann Styman. I am married(Mason) with 2 children and would love to meet any family members.
Contact lister
Birth:around 1942 or 1943
Town of Origin:reservior melbourne
Contact Number 0364376339
looking for birth father john cotter.lived at broadway reservior melbourne back in the late 1950s to 1960s. birth mothers name was patricia frost. i was born 15/8/1962. now im 48 and would love to make contact. can any one help me. I have tried everything but keep hitting a brick wall. john also had a younger brother and two younger sisters. John and birth mother both worked at a factory called persons wear a sheet metal factory in collingwood melbourne.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 26th August 1968
Town of Origin: SYDNEY- KING GEORGE THE 5th
Contact Number 0433738945
Sibling: Looking for my sister who was adopted out at birth. Birth name listed however most likely changed since adopted- KERRYANNE COTTRELL. Birth mothers name MELDA JOAN COTTRELL. Looking to be reunited with sister 30, brothers- 32 & 39.
Contact lister
Coulter or Handoe
"Vanessa" name at birth
Biloela Queensland Australia
"Vanessa" born to Jane Coulter and Brian Handoe at Biloela Hospital 1979. She is my neice and I would love to contact her. I don't know who adopted her but I would love to know she is well. Please contact me. Kate
Contact lister
Coulter or Thornton
Bronwyn Kay
Date of Birth: app.16/05/1960
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number: 02.65823685
Searching for Bronwyn who was adopted out at birth.
Contact lister
Janette Irene
Born in W.A. about 1942
She was last known living in Sunvale Crescent Gisborne NZ. Susan is looking for you.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 5/9/52
Town of Origin: Belmore NSW
Contact Number 0407 847 293
Looking for Birth mother, Pamela Cowan, at time living in Belmore, gave birth to girl at Bethseda Hosp in Marrickville NSW, 9/7/1971 and named her Louanna at Birth. would love to talk! fathers name not known as not provided. pls call x
Contact lister
unknown Female
Year of Birth: 1951 ?
Town of Origin: Parramatta NSW ?
Contact Number: 47210433
This lady Miss Coyte, gave birth to me at Parramatta Hospital on the 31st May 1970. I was 3months old when adopted by my "Mum & Dad" I have a new baby and I'm thinking about you a lot.I would like a photo of you 1st. I'd like you to speak to my "Mum" before any contact with me. I'm rather nervous about this. You called me Daniell, but I'm known as Lisa or Jo. I need to have some medical history too. Thank you. Be sure I can keep a secret if required. We have prayed for you on the 1st of May since 1970.
Contact lister
Craft (Nee Husband)
Year of Birth: 1938
Town of Origin: Blacksmiths or thereabouts
I am looking for my birth mother or any siblings that I may have. I was born on 13 January 1960 at the Royal Newcastle Hospital. I do have a 'birth' father name but have had a veto put on me which I do understand. Please note: I have NO wish to cause anyone any upset, I would just love to know and/or meet any family I may have.
Contact lister
Robyn Anne
My Birth name was Sharon Lee Craig and I was born on 12/12/1964. I would be interested in contact from my mother, siblings, father or other relatives or friends of family that have info.
Contact lister
Date of birth: 12th December 1984
Town of origin: Lismore N.S.W
My daughter Tillie was abducted by her mother in 1986. At the time the, mother Ellen Rachel Craig was under the influence of a small cult or sect situated near Oberon in the blue mountains. I was awarded temporary legal custody. Ellen Craig now lives in Palmerston North New Zealand. To the best of my knowledge she gave Tillie over to the care of someone else years ago.
Contact lister
Cheyne John Lee
Date of Birth: 20/04/1980
Town of Origin: Ryde
Contact Number 0418.656996
Cheyne is my nephew who was adopted out when he was 2 years old. I think the adoption took place in Port Macquarie. Cheyne was born at Ryde Hospital. Cheyne's mother is my sister and has never forgotten her little boy. Cheyne now has 3 siblings and lots of cousins. Please make contact and know that you were very much loved by us all. Aunty Robyn
Contact lister
Joan Kathleen
Date of birth: Born 1949
Town of origin: Sydney
I am looking for my birth mother or any other family member. I was born in Marrickville in Sydney at Bethesda salvation army hospital on 9/9/1965.My birth mother name then was Joan Kathleen Phillips and she married a John Francis Creed in 1968.My name at birth was Adena Phillips and was named Patricia Joy Bowen by my adoptive parents. I would love to hear from any on my natural family no strings attached.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 1937
Contact Number 0427106 269
Looking for Yvonne Maureen Crocker, my birth mother, who was 21 when I was born on the 20/11/1958 and named Tracy. Yvonne's last know address was in Newtown.
Contact lister
(male) born Merriweather Hosp. Newcastle N.S.W July /August 1954
I would like to find my brother born and adopted July/Aug 1954 in Newcastle New South Wales. Our mother's maiden name was RYAN. L. CROSS
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Rockhampton
Contact Number 0488419360
I adopted Trevor and have lost all contact and the papers of his adoption.
Contact lister
I am looking for my sister who was given up for adoption and would love to make contact.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 23 august 1977
Place of Origin: Harare
Contact Number +441473290212
Looking for my nephew Andrew Curtis who I know is searching for his birth mother Catherine Wilson, please contact me. Clare Wilson.
Contact lister
Linda Elizabeth
Birth: 1953
Town of Origin: Perth, W.A
Contact Number 0403754357
Looking for my birth mother. I was born at Crown Street Sydney on 27th November 1972. You called me Catherine. Hoping to meet but if not able was hoping for family medical history.
Contact lister
Date of birth: 1967 to1971
Town of origin: Penrith area
Looking for a baby (most likely a boy) born between 1967 and 1971 at Nepean District Hospital who's birth mother was Kathy (Katherine-Kathleen ??) Cuthel on your birth certificate. Kathy was from the Luddumham /Penrith area. We have the same father Roy Winsor, but this may not show on your certificate. I'm your sister and so desperately want to meet you.
Contact lister



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