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"I would just like to thank Mike for this site. Through Oz Reunion I have found my 2 sisters who I have been searching for over 30 years. Prior to finding this site, I had hit a dead end in my search. Please don't give up, look how long it took me, and now that I have found my sisters, the missing parts of my heart have been restored, once again a huge thankyou to Oz Reunion." Denise Higginson

After only 2 weeks on OZ Reunion, I found my mother, 2 sisters, a brother, 2 nephews & 3 nieces and an aunt & so far, things are going really well. To others who are still searching for their families, please don't give up hope, have faith that you will find your loved ones, they could be looking for you too. Mike keep up the good work, your site is invaluable and you have helped so many people find their families, it's great to know that you care for so many people. Kathy

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Contact lister
JACKSON (nee Hugo)
Elizabeth Ann
Date of birth: 23rd February 1947
Town of origin: Miami ,Gold Coast.
I am seeking my birth mother Elizabeth Ann Hugo. I was named Helen Hugo at birth and adopted soon after. I was born on 2nd August 1965 at Royal Women's Hospital Brisbane. Elizabeth married Barry Garfield Jackson on 9/3/68. They were divorced on 14/8/77 in South Australia. I can be contacted via email.
Contact lister
Son of Doreen
Date of birth: approx:1950
Town of origin: Mitcham.
My name is Vera Jacobson and I am looking for my nephew, son of late Doreen Hillary Jacobson. Doreen left home before she was 16 years old, in 1948. I believe you were born some time in the next couple of years. Our home at the time was in Mitcham, Victoria, although I understand you may have been born interstate. I have known of you for approx. 9 years and have tried various other channels to find you without success.
Contact lister
Jakimov / Enright
John Gregory
Date of Birth: 6-8 January or Febuary 1966
Town of Origin: Wellington
Contact Number: 0423 669 999
Looking for our half brother John Gregory Enright. Born to Lynee Patricia Jakimov, father John douglas Enright. Born in the ambulance at Wellington Base Hospital / one of the stolen baies (ie sbs show) gone to a good home. Mother would like some peace of finding him.
Contact lister
From Carlton
Contact lister
Judith Dianne
Date of Birth: 1940
Town of Origin: Waverley
My mother Colleen Sanderson was born 2/9/1958 at Crown St hospital, adopted out by biological mother JUDITH DIANNE JAMES (born 1940). Her biological mother was born in New Zealand, however listed Waverley NSW as her residence. She is desperate to make contact with her mother (my grandmother) OR her known half-sister who was born 11/02/1960 and also put up for adoption. Contact email only please.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 1960-61
Town of Origin: Harden - Murrumburrah
Contact Number 0466948291
Baby girl born Aug 1960-61. Adopted out. Mother (my sister) referred by Sisters of Mercy. I have been searching for many years to find her/you. Given the name Lee by birth Mother who was 18-19 when baby was born. I am your Aunty Barbara and would love to find you or anyone that may know you. Not sure what your name is now???
Contact lister
jamieson or jameson
1957 give or take one year
Ashfield, NSW
My birth name was Brandon Lee Jamieson/Jameson and I was born on 4th sept 1972 in St Margaret hospital darlinghurst. I so look forward to finding my mum.
Contact lister
Jamieson or Morrison
Ann or Jan
Town of Origin: Bundaberg
Contact Number: 07 54621445
I am searching for any siblings I may have. My father's name was James Jamieson or Morrison, known as John, from Bundaberg. He married a girl called either Ann or Jan and I am only really looking for any siblings. He is not named as my father on my birth certificate but I have information confirming he was my father. He has passed away and my interest is in any brothers or sisters I may have. My date of birth is 17th November 1946.
Contact lister
Jarick / Kenway
Contact Number 0414 453 694
searching for birth mother. I was born in Newcastle, Dec 1952. Her name on my original birth certificate is NORMA JARICK, married in Wagga Wagga to Arthur Kenway.
Contact lister
Searching for
Date of Birth: 12/9/1979
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Never far from my thoughts.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 1949/50
Town of Origin: Foster, Victoria
Looking for my birth mother Helen Elizabeth Jeffrey. I was born in Warrawong in Jan 1966.
Contact lister
Suzanne Jane
november 1973
Brisbane Australia
Looking for my adopted step sister. Born in Royal Brisbane hospital nov 1973.
Contact lister
Looking for my birth Mother. I was born 09/03/1984 @ Blacktown District hospital. My birth Father's name is Paul who came from Marayong.
Contact lister
My adopted Mother JOY gave me the name of Gail, however not long before she died she thought my original name was Joan Foster born 05-09-1956 at Kate Cocks Home at Brighton, once owned by the Methodist Church. On investigation it seems Kate Cock’s records were destroyed in a fire some years ago after I was born. Both my adoptive parents are now deceased, and I had no wish to upset them while alive and as an only child I am interested to see if I have any siblings or even my birth mother is she is still alive. I would also like to check on any health issues my birth parents may have had.
Contact lister
Beryl May
Birth: 1919
Town of Origin: Melbourne
Contact Number +971502633970
I'm looking for the birth mother of my Dad who was born on 1 September 1934 in Sydney NSW and named Scott. He was informally adopted to Murial & Cyril Webb of Parkes, NSW and christened Roderick Scott Anderson. He died May 1971. I would like to contact Beryl or her relatives. With thanks, Elizabeth
Contact lister
Ronda Catherine
Town of Origin: Kingaroy, Queensland
Contact Number 0419 367 994
My mother was 23 years old when I was adopted. I was born at the Royal North Shore Hospital NSW. Her mother was registered as R. Jensen. Father unknown. I would be interested to know her welfare and any other family.
Contact lister
Jean Gertrude
Date of Birth: March 1924
Town of Origin: Moonta s.a.
Contact Number 0438874998
Jean was my birth mother in 1957. Later became mrs Jones. Any info or photos of her or "unknown father"
Contact lister
Jeanette Elizabeth
Date of Birth: Ard 1945
Origin: Tasmania
Contact Number 0481331188
Searching for Jeanette Elizabeth Johnson birth year 1945. Last known address of Jeanie Elizabeth Johnson is at, 39 Best St Devonport Tasmania. Your son, Alan John Johnson born in Baxter Hospital Geelong in 1966 is looking for you. You will be proud of him. He is now a successful businessman and wants to take care of you in your golden years. Anyone with info, pls ring. Thanks very much.
Contact lister
Maureen Ann & Robert Dennis
Date of Birth: 06/06/56 & 28/07/57
Origin: Victoria
Contact Number 02 88950814
My mum is turning 70 this year and would love to locate her half sister and brother. Mum indicated they were born in Victoria, possibly around Geelong area, however put up for adoption whilst their birth parents were traveling in Sydney. Believed they were adopted somewhere between 1957 & 1959.
Contact lister
Dorothy May
Birth: 1946
Town of Origin: St Kilda
Contact Number 0434626950
Please contact.
Contact lister
Kathleen Christina
Date of Birth: 22/12/1932
Town of Origin: Meir, Stoke-On-Trent England
Looking for birth mother. I was born 24/10/1967 at South Sydney Womens Hospital. My birth mother Kathleen Johnson was a kindergarten teacher from Meir, Stoke-On-Trent. She was living in Maroubra at the time of my birth. She met my birth father Franz who is from Utrecht Holland he was much younger than her. He returned to Holland not knowing she was pregnant. Kathleen was the youngest of 9 children Where is she now did she return to England? I would dearly like to make contact.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 12.05.1968
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number: 0412.981673
This is the name I gave my daughter when I gave her up for adoption in 1968. I would like to make contact with her. Her father's name was Scott Arthur and I was her mother then Noni Johnson both from Roma in Western Qld.
Contact lister
Beverley Irene
I am searching for my Birth mother. I was born Ross Edward Johnson 08/02/1971 in Sydney NSW @ The Women's Hospital, Crown Street. My adoption took place 02/03/1972. I'd love to know how you are.
Contact lister
Birth: 1922
Town of Origin: Bankstown
Contact Number 0438277162
Contact lister
Mandy / Amanda
Date of Birth: 1973
Town of Origin: Parramatta
Contact Number 0408 567338
I am searching for my Neice she was born in Parramatta hospital in 1973, her Mothers name is Moira. I just want to make sure she has had a good life.
Contact lister
Johnstone / Phipps
Steven John
Born in 1960 around the month of March in Muswellbrook NSW
Contact Number 0432 238 093
I am looking for my birth father STEVEN JOHN JOHNSTONE. I was told by my birth mother that he also used the last name PHIPPS. My birth mother is Karen Marie Sharp. My supply authority says that he knew all about me and wanted eveything to do with me. I was 4-5 months old at the time of my adoption.My birth mother Karen was 15 years old who was a home maker and my birth father Steven was 18 years old and a labourer at the time I was born. I was born Kelly-Anne Johnstone on April 24th 1978 at Leeton District Hospital. I met my birth mother when I was 18 and also had contact with my maternal aunty & grandmother whom of no one would give me any info about my birth father.I have done a death search for the last name Johnstone but that name does not exist. I then tried the name Phipps and there was a match with that name but no death. Steven could be using either name. I am in touch with a full/half sister and her name is KYLIE HALL. I also know another full/half sister is in Adelaide and her name is JODY. I am on this quest to try and find out the truth and my family background. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any info.
Contact lister
Jennifer Ann Therese
Date of Birth: 1956 ?
Contact Number: 0410.509245
I am seeking information on Jennifer. She is the mother of a baby boy, birth name Jamie Patrick Jones on 6 November 1972 at Crown St Womans Hospital Sydney. Jennifer lived in Grosvenor Rd Terigal NSW at time of birth, she was 16, she may now be known as GAVENLOCK. I was placed into foster care 1 August 1973 my adoption took place on 26 June 1975. If anyone has any information on Jennifer or other members of my birth family please make contact. I am now known an Andrew.
Contact lister
Susan Ann
Year of Birth: 1954
Origin: England
looking for susan ann jones 1954. Damian, 26 jan 1975. Sydney, Paul? Toorak ladies college.
Contact lister
Andrew Patrick
Born in Cairns Base Hospital DOB 07/05/76
I gave birth to a boy, and as I was only 15 at the time, he was adopted out to a couple in Townsville approximately 2 weeks after he was born. I am waiting for information from Children's Services Freedom of Information on the name he was given by his adoptive parents.
Contact lister
Diane Margaret
Date of birth: 23 December 1951
Town of origin: Coorparoo
My mother named me "Peta" at birth, I have a brief description of my birth father, though no name or birth date. Diane Margaret Jones was born in Brisbane, her parents are William Henry Jones & Dorothy May Block. I would welcome contact as I now have a family of my own, and I have attempted search previously to no avail.
Contact lister
Eileen Margery
Date of birth: ?? 1951/1952
Town of origin: Nottingham, England
Is my Birth Mother. I was born March 31st, 1967 at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco. I was then named "Julie Anne Jones", and was adopted in May 67 and then became Samantha Lea Abud. Interested in getting to know the person who brought me into the world 35 years ago.
Contact lister
Wade Mathew
Date of birth: 8/11/72
Town of origin: Brisbane
I am a birth mother. I gave birth to Wade when I was 16 years of age. I don't know his name now. He was born in the Martar Womens Hospital in Brisbane on the 8/11/72. Probibly adopted on the 15/11/72. Would like to know if he is alright and where he is. I now live in Qld.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number 02 66322306
Please contact
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 28 August 1955
Town of Origin: Newcastle, Under Lyme, Staffordshire
Contact Number 0439138713
looking for Christine Jones daughter of Lawrence and Violet Jones Imigrated to Australia. Christine gave birth to baby girl 15 April 1973 at Queen Victoria Hospital Adelaide. Siblings of Christine ? Terence, Pauline, Roslyn and Hayden. Father had divorced parents and siblings 7 and 19 at time of birth one other sister deceased.
Contact lister
Christine Joan
Date of Birth: Approx 1950
Town of Origin: Cunnamulla
Contact Number 0415335018
Seeking my Birth Mother - Christine would have been born around 1950 as she was approx 24YO when she had me and i am 38 now(2012), My birth name was Barbara Gail Jones (my adopted name is Rachel Mary Mackie) and I was born on the 16th April 1974 in Cunnamulla Base Hospital. I dont know if my mother was from there or from another town or city. When I was born i was serverly allergic to breast milk and was flown to Toowoomba Base Hospital not long after i was adopted from there on the 26th June 1974 (3 months old). Looking for any family link!
Contact lister
Birth: 1986-1987
Town of Origin: Perth
Contact Number 0447788223
hello I'm looking for my half brother he was born at king edward hosiptal in perth i dont know much i thinks his mums name was dianne and his dads name is John King. Im his younger sister that he probably doesnt even know exsists. anyone with any information please contact me.
Contact lister
Frances Louise
Date of Birth: 14th September 1947
Town of Origin: Woy woy nsw
Contact Number 0497 111139
My mother also had 2 boys, one born in 1964 and the other in 1966. I was born in Gosford hospital on the 22/11/1967. I am desperately seeking either my mother or my brothers as I have a terminally ill daughter and need medical background. My fathers name is unknown but he was 6' tall blonde hair and blue eyes. Apparently my mother was married and had an affair with him. If someone knows anything please contact me ASAP .. Thank you
Contact lister
Debra Louise
Date of Birth: Approx. 1957
Town of Origin: Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Contact Number 07 49475777
Debra was the daughter of Dorothy Cecilia and Sidney Jones. The date, 20.O7.1973 would be relavent to Debra. Debra has perhaps 7 siblings. The name Patrick Anthony Jones would be known to this lady. May now be married, but with such a large family some members would possibly be Geelong residents.
Contact lister
Patricia Mary
Date of Birth:15th May 1924
Town of Origin:Sydney
Contact Number 0447060151
This was my mother she passed away 15th Nov 2011. I would like to find information about her mother and medical conditions.
Contact lister
Jose / Toscani
Date of Birth: 1935 to 1937
Town of Origin: Victoria, Australia
Contact Number 02 49721313
Jose. Our mother had a child between my sister who was born in Sydney in 1932 and 1940. We believe it was to a man who worked on our aunt's berry farm in Victoria, near Melbourne. We are three girls who would dearly love to make contact. We think the child was a girl. The aunt who told us of the other child has long since died and we are the oldest living family members. Although we knew from the aunt, we had to wait until Ella died to look, as she would not ever talk about her past. We come from a Cornish, English past and Ella had brown eyes and fair skin. She was a good sewer, knitter and a very smart dresser. Her hair was dark brown and she kept it dyed and styled duntil she died at 95. She was also a woman who had her own ideas and was very stubborn. We all take after her.
Contact lister
Contact Number: 07-4984 1190
I was born on 8th April 1958 at Bethesada Hostel in Rockhampton Queensland to Dorothy Joyce. I was adopted at one week old and raised by wonderful parents who have both passed on. Would like to make contact with my natural mother or anyone who knew her.
Contact lister
Date of birth: 1947-48
Town of origin: Dundas, Sydney
Looking for my birth mother. I was born 1965 Castlecrag Private.
Contact lister
Judge / Jarrett
Christine (Therese)
Date of Birth:07/02/1958
Town of Origin:Manly
I am trying to find my birth mother and other birth relatives. I was born Kiley Louise Judge, in Balmain on 1 January 1976 and adopted at age 2. Christine's last known address was Randwick. Understand my birth father's name is Garth. Please contact me by email.
Contact lister
Judge / Judge / McClung
Irene / Alan / Stephan
Town of Origin:Paddington
Contact Number 0447 982619
Searching for Mother Irene Dawn Judge, Alan Judge and Stephan McClung If this email address - Albertpark2004[at] - means something to you then I am your REAL sister.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: late 1960s
Town of Origin: Adelaide, SA
Looking for half-sister born to father David Marshall Jury in the late 1960s. Sister born in 1970 (estranged from father) and three brothers have just found out, and would like to meet.
Contact lister



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