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"I would just like to thank Mike for this site. Through Oz Reunion I have found my 2 sisters who I have been searching for over 30 years. Prior to finding this site, I had hit a dead end in my search. Please don't give up, look how long it took me, and now that I have found my sisters, the missing parts of my heart have been restored, once again a huge thankyou to Oz Reunion." Denise Higginson

After only 2 weeks on OZ Reunion, I found my mother, 2 sisters, a brother, 2 nephews & 3 nieces and an aunt & so far, things are going really well. To others who are still searching for their families, please don't give up hope, have faith that you will find your loved ones, they could be looking for you too. Mike keep up the good work, your site is invaluable and you have helped so many people find their families, it's great to know that you care for so many people. Kathy

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Gwendolyn Edith
Contact Number 02 43323275
1944 Finding my Birth Mother. Her maiden name was Gwendolyn Edith Tagg on the 9/9/1944 I was born at St.Ives Church of England Hospital in North Sydney in Ridge Street. I was known as Baby Bill (the Surname prior to adoption was Bill Burns) the Bill was to be known as Digby William Maguire. I'm looking for any information from my Birth Mother & / or Siblings if any one can help i would be most greatfull. This information only came to light re the Forced adoption apology a couple of weeks ago from the NSW state Government.
Contact lister
Estelle Patricia
Date of birth: 1956
Town of origin: Monto
Wishing to unite with my birth mother to say that everything is alright and I have turned out to be a mother of five lovely children who would like to meet their birth grandmother. I was born on the 23rd February 1970 at the Lady Goodwin Hospital in Rockhampton. The name that you gave me was Madeline Patricia. Also I hold no regrets, just want to meet you to find out my history and to gain a new friend. Anyone who may know the person that I am addressing.
Contact lister
I was born 8th May, 1954 at Mc Brides Hospital, Medindie, South Australia, and was named Gwenda Dawn
I am searching for my Birth Mother Pauline Taylor
Contact lister
Rita May
I was born on 30th April, 1952 at the Royal Hospital for Women in Paddington NSW
Town of origin: Sydney?
I am searching for my birth mother. All I know so far is her name. I do not know her age. I was born on 30th April, 1952 at the Royal Hospital for Women in Paddington NSW and adopted by James and Sylvia Lillington. They named me Ann. They were fantastic parents. I would love to find my birth mother and/or any family members I may have out there. Does anybody out there recognise me? Please, if anybody knows anything, please email me and we can go from there
Contact lister
Date of Birth: April 1953
Town of Origin: Adelaide
Contact Number 0416.752694
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 26/12/1960 approx
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number 0413 952940
My half brother born when my mother was 21 years old - in a Catholic hospital on Boxing Day. She named him KENT.
Contact lister
Nathan James
Date of Birth: 21.11.1969
Town of Origin: McBrides Adelaide
Mum was 17 and a ward of the state. You were adopted out without her consent at 4 days old. She has cried every day since because she loved you so much. If you can contact us, please know you are loved xoxoxoxo
Contact lister
Taylor(Maiden Name)
Eileen Mary
Date of Birth: 13th June 1945
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number: 0421.043772
I am searching for my birth mother. I was born in Lismore Base Hospital NSW on the 08th April 1968. My information states that you were possibly staying in Bonalbo NSW when when you had me at 22. You have a sister that was a nun and 3 brothers. Your father was recorded as being a cane farmer and your mother as a music teacher. I wish to contact you. I have been searching for years. Please call me.
Contact lister
Margaret Anne
Date of birth: 01.01.1933
living in Hammersmith London.180 Earls Court Road
Mother (Margaret Ann Tedder) in England for three years,1959 - 1962, trained has a nurse, living in Hammersmith London.180 Earls Court Road. I was born as Peter Toby Tedder. Unable to keep me due to the Fathers situation also unable to return to Australia with me due to her families views. Her family Irish Father, Scottish Mother. Had me adopted August 1961,don't know if she then returned to Australia. Mother well educated, sporty attractive.
Contact lister
Sheelagh Frances
Town of Origin: Birkenhead England
Contact Number 0411495294
I am looking for my mother, Sheelagh Frances Templeton. I was born Barry Waine Templeton, 21st September 1964, Brisbane Womans Hosptial, Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I was adopted from the Warilda Children's Home, Wooloowin, Brisbane, Queensland at 6 months old by the McCarthy family. Please help me find my family and brothers and sisters. I am getting married and would like to complete my life. Thankyou for your help xx
Contact lister
Terry (nee Halpin)
Kathleen Anne
Date of Birth: 11/8/1943
Town of Origin: Bankstown, Sydney
I am searching for Kathleen Terry (nee Halpin)born 11/8/43 to Edna and John Halpin. I believe kathleen had 4 or 5 siblings. Kathleen married Clinton Terry at Bankstown in 1966. I believe the Halpin family were members of the Salvation Army. I would LOVE to hear from any relatives of Kathleen or Clinton also. Given the not common surnames of Halpin and Terry i would hope that someone will contact me with any info they may have. kind regards, Bronwyn.
Contact lister
Micheline Mary Paule
Date of Birth: 1940-1943
Origin: Mauritius
My stepfather was born in October 1963 in Sydney. His mother & grandmother had travelled from Mauritius to Australia on holiday, and his father is Australian. He was adopted in December 1963. Was adopted by a Sydney catholic family. Currently residing in New Zealand. His name is Louie Norman Patrick Francis Imbruglia. He would love to find any details about his mother at all, or any siblings he might have. Please email!
Contact lister
I am looking for my mother Nora who wishes to find her siblings barry, beverley graham peter jan and paul
Contact lister
Pauline Anne
born in 1944 or 1945 who lived at 10 First Ave, Erowal Bay NSW
Town of origin: NSW
I am looking for Pauline Anne Thomas born in 1944 or 1945 who lived at 10 First Ave, Erowal Bay NSW. Who had a baby boy December 8,1970 at Crown Street Women's Hospital and gave me up for adoption. My name is Craig Warren-Tibbetts. If you have any information please contact me
Contact lister
Year of Birth: 1941-1950
Town of Origin: Adelaide
Norman born in Salvation Army home for unwed mothers in 1941 or 1950. You have a half sister and cousins who want to know you are ok.
Contact lister
Margaret Clare
Contact Number 0402106840
Searching for my birth mother Margaret Clare Thomas. I was born at Arncliffe on 22 Sept. 1951 & was called Robert Thomas. Was adopted out as a baby.
Contact lister
May June
Searching for my birth mother (and siblings) who gave birth to a female on 19 December 1956 (presumably in Brisbane) and named her June Thompson.
Contact lister
Karen Ruth
Contact Number 0414 248 578
hi im natalie I'm looking for mine and my sister mother born in victoria sister of lyn and michelle thank
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Sydney
hi there, my name is Tina, i was adopted at Camperdown childrens hospital in sydney [king george the 5th]. I was born in 1971 and adopted out at approx. 14 days. i have sent for my original birth certificate and have since found out that my birth mothers name is joy thompson. i beleive she may be married. look forward to hearing from u.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: March 1974
Town of Origin: Blacktown NSW
Contact Number 02 68721123
I am looking for my son who was born at Blacktown hospital in 1974, his name before the adoption was Danny.
Contact lister
We lost contact and have hopes of hearing from you. Believe she might be living in Sydney.
Contact lister
Dorothy May
Year of Birth: 1950
Town of Origin: Melbourne
Contact Number: 0414.895325
I am looking for my birth Mother and Father. I was born 16th December 1968 at Royal Womans Hospital Melbourne and named Dorothy Alice Thompson. I did find my birth mother 20 years ago but was to young to be able to handle it. Now as an adult I would love to reunite with her and find my birth father "RAYMOND". I also have a half brother and sister I really would love to get to know.
Contact lister
Thompson (wax)
Norma Mary May
Birth: 1923
Origin: NSW
Do you know of or are you related to Norma. She was born in 1923 at Condolobin. If you have any information I would luv to hear from you.
Contact lister
Thompson ?
Contact Number 0421814228
I was born in crown street woman's hospital nov. 1966 looking for my birth mother, think her name is annette rose. i think u named me sandra lea. looking forward to reconnecting as well as your two grandchildren and your two great grandchildren.
Contact lister
Frederick Robert
Date of Birth: 16/6/1938
Town of Origin: Rockhampton
Contact Number 0439763557
Frederick was adopted out as a baby. We have the same mother but different fathers. this is all I know about him.
Contact lister
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Elsie Barbara
Date of birth: approx 1896-1898
West View Home Gundagai N.S.W
Looking for my fathers, birth mothers, family. He was born Allen Tidd 17/10/1915 @ West View Home Gundagai N.S.W. Was raised by Robert & Ettie Evers in Newport N.S.W. At the time of his birth his mother was unmarried and apox 18years old. Any info would be great.
Contact lister
Date of Birth:15/04/1938
Town of Origin:EPPING SYDNEY
Contact Number 0427.384969
I am searching for my mothers sister who was adopted in 1939 by Edward and Elsie Tighe formerly of 86 Eastwood Avenue Epping NSW. Your name was changed to Elaine Mary Tighe and you were born in Armidale NSW on 15 April 1938. You may not know you were adopted but I would dearly like to meet you as you have other siblings.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number: 0488.022816
I am trying to help a very dear friend of mine. He has given permission for me 2 do this. His name now is Joseph Murray Lachmann born 18/1/1963. I think mother's name Neichke. She was single and he was adopted at 22 month. He knows he has a brother Joseph Tobias who is approx 2 years younger. joe has been rejected and hurt a lot in his life and is scared to approach his brother directly he would dearly like some answers and to meet family/siblings any help would be very much appreciated.
Contact lister
Cathryn Gertrude
Date of birth: 1943 - 1946
Town of origin: Wellington NSW
Christopher, CONTACT Oz Reunion
I was born at St Margarets Hospital, Darlinghurst, on 1st January 1960, and named Christopher Michael Tolhurst by my birth mother who was 16. Her name was Cathryn Gertrude Tolhurst. She stayed at St Anthony's at Croydon. She was born at Wellington, NSW. I have no information on my birthfather. Please make contact - if you're still alive (or if you're a sibling or someone who can help) - I have lots to tell you,(if you want me to, or else I'll just listen!). I have a lovely wife and two little boys (the older one's my double!), and my wonderful adoptive parents are deceased. Please follow your heart back to me.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 11 August 1982
Town of Origin: Sydney
I'm looking for my brother born Robert Tonkinson at Mona Vale Hospital on 11 August 1982. His mothers name was Wendy Tonkinson and his fathers name Stephen Jones. We're not sure if Stephen is on the birth certificate or not. You have 3 half sisters who would love to meet you, if anyone knows anything please contact us.
Contact lister
Marie Louise
I have some information on Margaret Mary Toomey please reply. you knew me at mater hospital North Sydney in June 1963. I'd love to hear from you. Person placing original listing, please contact Oz Reunion.
Contact lister
Year of Birth: 1963 - 1967
Town of Origin: Adelaide
Contact Number 0413413123
I am searching for my Sisters sibling a Girl born in Adelaide between 1963 and 1967. Her Fathers name is Eckart Heinrich Trautmann. He was a German migrant who arrived in Adelaide aboard the Ship Flavia 23 Jan 1963. He asked the Mother of his unborn child to terminate the pregnancy, however she didnt and gave birth to a baby girl.
Contact lister
Triffett - Bassett
Date of Birth: 5 November 1964
Town of Origin: Brisbane
Contact Number 0421774474
I am looking for a girl born at Royal Brisbane Hospital on 5 November 1964. Birth mother is Lesley Triffett (dob 04/06/1944) and birth father is John Harold Bassett (dob 17/02/1945). My Lesley stayed at the Holy Cross Home in Wooloowin. I am the sister to the girl child born. Both her birth mother and father's family would like to make contact.
Contact lister
Jeanette Arlene
State of Origin: South Australia
Contact Number: 03 6239 1609
My birth name was Leonie Kaye Trinne and I was born on 21 Dec 1956 and I am looking for my birth mother who gave birth at "rocklyn" a home for unmaried mothers in Launceston.
Contact lister
Origin: South Australia
Contact Number 07-41553978
Born 5th October 1953, in Adelaide, name on crib Tucker, looking for birth mother, or siblings.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 23/05/1955
Town of Origin: Tyalgum
Contact Number 0412707942
I would love to find my birth mother i was born on the 29/5/1975 in Brisbane. Thankyou for making the hardest decision in your young life. I would love to say that in person if i could get the chance.
Contact lister
Date of birth: December 1967
Town of origin: Hornsby
am looking for my sister who was adopted out at birth. She was named "Peggy" at birth. She was born in December 1967 at Hornsby District Hospital and adopted out through Church of England Adoption Agency. Her birth mothers name was Helen Turnbull. I would love to find her and get to know her. If anyone has any information email
Contact lister
Looking for a sister who was given up for adoption born 15 nov 1964 at hornsby.
Contact lister
Birth: 1960
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number 5756446710 usa
I'm looking for my daughter, she was born in sydney around 1960 mothers name Mary Turner adress 17 llewelyn st rhodes Sydney nsw. daughter was named Christina Turner.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Paddington
Searching for Diana who gave birth to a girl at St Margarets Hospital Sydney and gave up for adoption shortly after. Father worked in insurance. Please contact if anyone has any information.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Perth
Contact Number 0422557454
Born in Perth 12 July 1968. I was named Michael Turner but adopted folks changed it to Mark Hadley. Father's name is Helmut Schneider. Keen to meet him too. Please contact me if you need more or have details.
Contact lister
Megan Valerie
0064 35289366
my cousin is looking for her birth daughter. She is ill and not on line so helping her
Contact lister
Twidale nee Siddins
Date of Birth: 11.09.1969
Town of Origin: Brisbane Royal Womens
Contact Number: 0746631107
I am searching for my birthparents. I was born at Royal Womens Hospital in Brisbane 11th September 1969. I have had non indentifying contact with my birth mother over 10 years ago. My birth mother named me Karen. Contact was blocked at the time but I would love to get in touch. My beautiful daughter and son would also love to meet you.
Contact lister
Twin Boys
Searching for
Dates of Birth: 06/05/51 or 16/05/51
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number: 0409.445233
Brian Makenzie & Ian Duddingston. Twin boys born at Crown Street Womens Hospital Sydney 06/05/51 or 16/05/51 May have been adopted by Doctor at Hospital Birth Mother Name Una Shirley Hodge Given names at Birth (May have been changed) Brian Makenzie & Ian Duddingston. Would like to hear from anybody with any information.
Contact lister
TWIN SISTER click here to 
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Bairnsdale District Hospital 28/3/1954
Address: 102 Hart St. Blackbutt, Qld. 4306.
Searching for my twin sister, born to Frouke (Flo) and Egbert (Bert) Jager at Bairnsdale District Hospital 28/3/1954 and given away at birth. We spent time together sometimes till about 4 years old. I don't remember your name, or know the names of your parents. My father and I saw you at your home once when we were about 6 years old. Your mother told us to go away and not come back. Do you remember? We've been apart too long. I just want to know that you are happy. Maybe you will recognize the photo of me, my name is Janet.
Contact lister
TWIN SISTERS click here to 
make larger
Date of birth: 1961 - 1963
Town of origin: Melbourne, Australia
Gillian FRYER and Paul John COCKS are the birth parents of my half sisters. I am a daughter of Paul John COCKS and looking for my twin half sisters. I know that they were conceived in Adelaide SA and probably born about 1961 - 1963 in a Catholic Babies Home in Melbourne. Gillian was of English origins. Please contact me if you would like information, photos and maybe even a relationship with this part of your birth family. Take a chance and contact - we are really looking forward to it. Regards Tracey Cocks.
Contact lister
Date of birth: 1945
Town of origin: Rockhampton
Born at Rockhampton Bethesda Salvation Army Hospital 1945. Both adopted to the same family in Brisbane, maybe Indooroopilly. Adopting father was a clerk, British citizen and 37 at the time. Adopting mother was an Australian, also 37. Adopting name possibly Flower. Girl, weighing 7lbs 4 ozs was first born (named Rhonda by birthmother) and boy, weighing 7lb 7ozs.was second born (named Robert by birthmother). The adoption was forced on birth mother (she was young) by her father. Your four half sisters would like to make contact and share with you the life of our wonderful mother.
Contact lister
Twins born in NSW
Date of Birth: 1962
Town of Origin: Sydney or Victoria.
Contact Number 0262380967
I am looking for twins born to Particia Montigue & William Leonard Taylor. I am Patricia Montague's eldest child(twin girls). Patricia was known as Thompson- nee Ritia Ivy Gomes. Would just like to talk/meet.
Contact lister
Daphne Elizabeth
I was born on the 6th of September 1945 in Brisbane. You named me Coleen Margaret.
You were born in Townsville QLD
Does anybody out there know Daphne. I was born on the 6th of September 1945 in Brisbane. You named me Coleen Margaret. You were born in Townsville QLD. I have only recently found out that i was adopted and would love to find Daphne or anybody who knows her. Of course Tyrrell was your maiden name. I would like you to know you have 5 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren can you please contact me via e-mail.
Contact lister



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