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"I would just like to thank Mike for this site. Through Oz Reunion I have found my 2 sisters who I have been searching for over 30 years. Prior to finding this site, I had hit a dead end in my search. Please don't give up, look how long it took me, and now that I have found my sisters, the missing parts of my heart have been restored, once again a huge thankyou to Oz Reunion." Denise Higginson

After only 2 weeks on OZ Reunion, I found my mother, 2 sisters, a brother, 2 nephews & 3 nieces and an aunt & so far, things are going really well. To others who are still searching for their families, please don't give up hope, have faith that you will find your loved ones, they could be looking for you too. Mike keep up the good work, your site is invaluable and you have helped so many people find their families, it's great to know that you care for so many people. Kathy

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brother who was born either the 12 or 23 of February in 1961 in Melbourne
(07) 3820 8694
I am looking for my brother who was born either the 12 or 23 of February in 1961 in Melbourne. He was adopted out about 6 weeks later and renamed William. Our Mothers name was Heather Jessie Vance, I have no knowlege of his father but have been told we have different fathers. I have found other siblings and would dearly love to have a reunion. Please contact me if you can help or are my brother
Contact lister
Jeanette (birthmother)
Year of Birth: 1965
Town of Origin: Sydney
Contact Number: 0412.820114
I was born on 16.9.65 to Jeanette Vandenbergh(18)at the Mater North Sydney. Adopted out at 10 days old. Named Diane by adoptive parents. Jeanette worked at Mick Simmonds Sydney. Would love to find my birthfather. He has fair hair & complexion. Approx age 23 then. I think they worked together. He was a van salesman. His hobbies were ballroom dancing, water skiing. His father may have been disabled due to accident. I dont know if you even are aware she had me. I've only just found out Im adopted. I am now 42. Would love to fill in the final piece of the puzzle. Or even hear from anyone that may have know Jeanette where she worked. I understand if you don't want a relationship, would just like to know who you are.
Contact lister
Town of Origin: Sydney
Please contact.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 9/9/76
Town of Origin: Penrith
Contact Number 0425 293 696
I gave birth to Leigh Varley at Nepean Hospital on the 9/9/1976. I would dearly love to have contact with her again and explain to her the reason for me putting her up for adoption and also to have a future with her and her family. She has a sister and brother and 2 nephews and 1 niece. Please help me find her, I have never ever stopped thinking about her and think of her every birthday. xoxo
Contact lister
Iris ?
Contact Number 02.93607172
Adopted 5 mar 1957. Searching for birth mother crown st hosp told you were indigenous.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 19/12/1959. Town of Origin: Geelong
Contact Number: 38934561
My brother and i were in bethany orphanage in 1960. his adopted name is Harris and mine is day. he has been in touch with our birth family and victorian community services where we are both registered. we are both desperately trying to find each other. im very excited to think this site will finally re-unite us back together.
Contact lister
Vincent (Veal - as per hospital records)
Robyne Christine
Date of Birth:31/12/1954
Town of Origin:Cabramatta West
We are looking for my husband paternal mother or family. She was living at Birdwood Ave, Cabramatta West when he was born. She was 19 yrs old. His father was Robert of Abbotsford, also 19yo. Robyne married Michael John Callaghan Nov 1983 in Auburn. No divorce on record. We would like to find her and possibly meet her, in the future. If you know her or know of her please contact us.
Contact lister
Searching for information about BIRTH MOTHER. REUNITED
Contact lister
Contact Number 0429 008252
birth name Mario Vuckovic born 21/11/1963. Adopted out from Sydney St Margarets Hospital Darlinghurst Sydney in 1964. Would love any information on mother or relatives.
Contact lister



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