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Douglas William
21 august
wellington N.S.W
Hi D's if your out there, i just wanted to see how you are and get in touch with you. love Bon
Contact lister
BARLOW (nee Robinson)
Born 26.4.57
Last known Liverpool Girls High School. I would love to catch up with my best girlfriend that I had in high school. The last time that I saw Kym was on my 21st birthday and she was with child, I never did find out what she had.
Contact lister
Hi, My name is Niki. I went to St Clare's College in Bondi (Sydney). I thought someone might be able to help me. I am desperately looking for Adrian Beck. He went to Waverley College in Bondi. I would be most grateful, if anyone could help me with any information about him. Many thanks, Niki
Contact lister
Gina Marie
Date of birth: 02.01.1958
Town of origin: MELBOURNE
I would really like to know the whereabouts of this lovely attractive lady whom I met back in the late 70's or early 80,s. Gina was from Ladd St Watsonia and worked as a nurse at Arundel in plenty rd and later moved to Adelaide then to Bellingen in northern NSW. I have always wondered what happened to this beautiful person. I'm now living in Canada and any details can be emailed
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Shelley Louise
Date of Birth: 14 June
Town of Origin: Sydney Australia
Contact Number: please call my country code 1 then area code (657) 230- 3449
Shelley has been a long time friend of mine. I last saw her on February 24, 2014 when were Facebook chatting. The last I heard from her is that she was dating some guy and that she moved to QLD. I have not heard from her since then and the only contacts I had with a couple friends before I deleted my Facebook. I'm not here to inflict any drama on your life Shelley or anyone who is friends with her but just to reconnect or close the book. She's a very important person to me and I intend to keep that promise until I make contact with her in moving forward from there. My name is Mitchell Quintanilla and I first met her in 2008 from a friend named Nick. Since I live in the United States, the best way is to contact me through E-mail. I live in the United States.
Contact lister
Born Sep 1959/60
Mortlake VIC
Heather and her family lived in Mortlake until late 1975. Moved to Adelaide. She had a younger sister Sue. I often think of Heather and wonder what became of a once very special person in my life. If anyone has any information regarding Heather or her current whereabouts please contact me by email.
Contact lister
Born 1978-79
Last known to be in Brisbane. I am looking for Simone Bound around 22-24yo living in Brisbane in 96-97 also has a young child 3-4yo was well known in wonthaggi vic. went to wonthaggi high or secondary college. if anyone could help me find her or her family i would appreciate it.
Contact lister
Born 1965
Tenterfield NSW
I knew Terence when I was at St Joesph's in Tenterfield NSW. He was a year below me at school he had dark hair and a brother named Patrick .The year I left was 1975.
Contact lister
Edmund Thomas
Date of birth: 30th July, 1935 - 71 yrs.
Town of origin: Perth, Kalgoorlie, western Australia.
Florida. Tel:1-941-716-0703 or in Malaysia (Penang) 604-575-2790 ask for Molly.
Last address in U.K. 1 Redcliffe road, Chelmsford, Essex. United Kingdom. Kindly assist to locate an old friend - Edmund Thomas Boyd, who went to western Australia in 1973 and have not heard since for a long while. would love to get in touch with friends or family of his. Anyone, friend or relative, please contact Ms . Molly Ee Yong Chin. Would be very grateful to get in touch with Edmund or his family. Now that I have retired and travelling would like a reunion in Australia. Residing in the US
Contact lister
Craig Raymond
Date of birth: 30/04/1972
Town of origin: Westmeadows Vic.
hi, been looking for Craig Boyles for ages. it's been about 12years since I've spoke to you. Often wonder what u up too n how you r. Please give me a call so we can catch up, luv to know how u r. luv linda dwyer.
Contact lister
Date of Birth: 1953
Origin: NSW
Contact Number 0411884149
Met Annette in Guam in 1990 she had moved from Queensland we had a fantastic short time together we kept in contact with each other until 1996. I have never forgotten our short time together and would love to make contact to see where she is and what is she doing.
Contact lister
I married Gary Brown in 1975. We separated just nine months later and I had a child. I lost contact with Gary after our divorce. I would like to know if he is still alive and does he want to meet his child who is now 26 years old.
Contact lister
Town of origin: Lidcombe, NSW
John and I went out together in the early 70's and broke up on my mother's insistence. He was living in Lidcombe with his parents and a brother and sister. His occupation was tyre-fitter (around the Lidcombe area) I was working in the office at International Harvester, in Lidcombe. John would be around 50 years old now and possibly working as a storeman in a supermarket. I live in New Zealand and I want nothing more than to find out how his life turned out. One email will give closure. Should you know him, please tell him that Julie is looking for him.
Contact lister
Roseanne had spent sometime in England and lived in Woy Woy Sth, on the NSW Central Coast. I foolishly let Rose slip away because I worried too much about falling too deeply again and maybe losing her. I stuffed things up and lost her anyhow, but I never forgot her smile or the way her eyes sparkled. When I went back to ask her to marry me she had moved away. I just want to know she is well and happy. Mark
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