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Oz Reunion has been on-line for 14 years now, and my website has helped thousands of people to be reunited with friends and family in Australia (including me). During that time, I have had limited funds and resources to build a better website for you. Oz Reunion is not a big corporation nor a big business. It is just a one man show (just me) trying to help people. We have had the same website for over ten years now, and it's time for a change. To do this I need your help. Here is your chance to help Oz Reunion so that we can serve you better. Our website has been nominated for Kochie’s Business Builders’ Rescue My Site competition and we need you! Please cast your vote to help us win a brand new website, or share in $100K of other prizes. If you have a Facebook account, you can give us an extra boost by liking or sharing the voting page. Voting is permitted a maximum of once per day per person per device, so please vote often if you can. Thank you for your support. 
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Four siblings together for the first time ever!               
Oz Reunion changed our lives! After twelve and a half years of searching for our older sister, I found her two years ago thanks to my very small post that had been sitting on Mike's website for a few years. I had found my birth family in the mid 80s, and a chance comment in 2000 started this search. Even though we'd all met up two years ago, it was only three weeks ago at our youngest sister's surprise 60th birthday lunch that we were all together for the very first time in our lives. Words cannot express our thanks enough - Mike, without you and your website, our lives would not be filled with the happiness we now have. Fiona.  click here for more success stories


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The website built by Australians, operated by Australians, owned by Australians, for Australians            More than a website for school friends... Oz Reunion reunites family & friends

Lucy has found her family thanks to Oz Reunion after a 41 year search

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I would like to thank Mike and the team at Oz Reunion for helping me find my family after 27 years, I was reunited with my birth mum and siblings. Domenic.

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After 55 years apart, Ellen is reunited with her sons, thanks to Oz Reunion.

Thomas is reunited with his brother after 34 years.

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